Resources   In Switzerland Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN): Drafting of national laws and ordinances 3.5 Monitoring of compost facilities 3.8 Voluntary/Statutory Requirements 3.9 Standar regulations   Associations and interest groups involved in biodegradable waste treatment Biodegradable waste Types of waste Waste recycling Recycled manure • Legislation   ASCP: Association of Swiss Compost and Methanisation Plants Oberdorfstrasse 40 Postfach 603 CH-3053 Münchenbuchsee Switzerland Tel.: +41 (31) 858 22 24 Fax: +41 (31) 858 22 21 vks-asic@email.ch www.vks-asic.ch     In the UK Making fertiliser from processed animal by-products (ABPs) compost and digestate manure, digestive tract content and bat guano Animal health[...]
Did you know…    …that The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed IPIFF works in accelerating the authorisation of insect frass as organic fertilizer??* Are you a member yet? Considering becoming one? Please contact: Christophe Derrien IPIFF Secretariat t: +32 (0)2 743 29 97 m: + 32 (0)4 86 44 94 76 christophe.derrien@ipiff.org www.ipiff.orgPlease Note: The Secretariat will be monitoring the ongoing EU Parliamentary discussions & future trilogue discussions concerning the revision of the EU fertilisers legislation   …that Insect frass is classified as ‘manure’ within the meaning of article 3(20)  of Regulation (EC) 1069/2009: the Regulation defines ‘manure’ as  ‘any excrement and/or urine of farmed animals other than farmed fish, with[...]
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