Bio-Control Q&A

Top Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Q: What is biocontrol?
    A: Biocontrol or Biological control – It is the use of living organisms, such as insects or pathogens, to control pest populations. has been used effectively against invasive species for over 100 years.


  • Q: Does it hurts other things around like pesticides do?
    A: No, It levels the field by reintroducing some of the specialist natural enemies that help control the specific invasive species it in its native range.


  • Q: How do you know that?
    A: A biocontrol agents are only proposed for field to the specific plant or pest which needs to be controlled. AND ONLY after intensive research and vigorous safety testing to ensure they don’t attack other beneficial or native plants and insects.


  • Q: Does it eradicates the pests?
    A: The porpoise of biocontrol is not to eradicate the invasive species, but control it in a way that it becomes manageable.


  • Q: Why do we need Biocontrol ?
    A: As a natural method, biocontrol doesn’t require the use of chemicals and machinery which can have a negative impact on the environment. So it is SUSTAINABLE !!


  • Q: Is this cost effective?
    A: After the initial research costs, once the agents are established and having an impact on the weed the only further expenditure required would be that used for monitoring activities.


  • Q: Is this thing SAFE?
    A: Biocontrol agents pose no threat to human health, crop production or beneficial organisms.


  • Q: What about DISADVANTAGES ?
    A: Control not eradication – A successful agent should not eradicate the weed on which it depends, but reduce it to acceptable levels instead. There may be costs associated with alternative control methods.
    Timescale – It takes time. It can take between five to 10 years from release to achieve successful control.
    Impacts – The complete impact on the target weed is not always predictable. (courtesy of cabi.org)


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