Did you know?

Did you know…


  •  …that The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed IPIFF works in accelerating the authorisation of insect frass as organic fertilizer??*
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Please contact:
Christophe Derrien
IPIFF Secretariat
t: +32 (0)2 743 29 97
m: + 32 (0)4 86 44 94 76
www.ipiff.orgPlease Note: The Secretariat will be monitoring the ongoing EU Parliamentary discussions & future trilogue discussions concerning the revision of the EU fertilisers legislation


  • …that Insect frass is classified as ‘manure’ within the meaning of article 3(20)  of Regulation (EC) 1069/2009: the Regulation defines ‘manure’ as  ‘any excrement and/or urine of farmed animals other than farmed fish, with or without litter’.


  • …that the terminology ‘organic fertilizer’ refers to existing or derived materials from plants or animals and/or ‘made without artificial chemicals’ but not to the process of organic certification as such.


  • …that in France, insect frass, likewise any other animal husbandry derived manure, “may in principle be used through direct land application but.the producer however requires an individual authorization, under national legislation, to be able to commercialize the product”. (courtesy of NextAlim) (HiProMine): a similar regime applies in Poland.


  • …that the certification of insect frass for use in organic Farming (in accordance with Regulation 889/2009) is possible in Lithuania. (courtesy of Insectum)
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